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Business 40 Construction Timeline

​​​​​​​​Project Milestones


​Peters Creek Parkway construction completed

​November 2018

​Business 40 closes from Peters Creek Parkway to U.S. 52

Nov. 17, 2018, until Spring 2020

​Business 40 reopens from Main Street to U.S. 52

Aug. 30, 2019

​Project completed

​Summer 2020

*Future dates are preliminary and subject to change

Construction Schedule​

Construction Update (as of Oct. 8, 2019)

  • Business 40 is expected to open sometime in early 2020. Additional work will need to take place after it is opened to vehicular traffic.

  • The Spruce Street bridge has been removed and will not be rebuilt.

The following bridges and ramps are open for pedestrian and vehicular traffic:

  • Fourth Street

  • Broad Street

  • Main Street

  • Main Street Ramps

  • Peters Creek Parkway

  • Church Street

  • Liberty Street

The following bridges are closed for construction:

  • Cherry Street

  • Marshall Street

  • The Strollway Land Bridge

  • Green Street Pedestrian Bridge

  • Brookstown Avenue

10/8/2019 4:40 PM

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