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Business 40 Construction Timeline

​​​​​​​Project Milestones


​Peters Creek Parkway construction completed

​November 2018

​Business 40 closes from Peters Creek Parkway to U.S. 52

Nov. 17, 2018, until Spring 2020

​Business 40 reopens from Main Street to U.S. 52

​Summer 2019

​Project completed

​Summer 2020

*Future dates are preliminary and subject to change

Construction Schedule​

Construction Update (as of July 9, 2019)

  • The Main Street ramps will open in mid-summer 2019. Westbound drivers on Business 40 will be able to access the Main Street ramp from the Business 40/U.S. 52 interchange. Eastbound drivers from Main Street will be able to drive to the Business 40/U.S. 52 interchange. 

  • The Spruce Street bridge has been removed and will not be rebuilt.

  • Business 40 is expected to open sometime in early 2020. Additional work will need to take place after it is opened to vehicular traffic.

The following bridges are open for pedestrian and vehicular traffic:

  • Fourth Street

  • Broad Street

  • Main Street

  • Peters Creek Parkway

  • Church Street

The following bridges are closed for construction:

  • Liberty Street

  • Cherry Street

  • Marshall Street

  • The Strollway Land Bridge

  • Green Street

  • Brookstown Avenue

7/11/2019 2:31 PM

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