Business 40 Project Milestones



Peters Creek Parkway construction Fall 2017-Fall 2018
Business 40 Closes** Fall 2018
Project Complete Late 2020

* Future dates are preliminary and subject to change
** Full closure of Business 40 will not occur until after construction on Peters Creek Parkway is complete

 Full Construction Schedule

​​Fall 2017-Fall 2018
  • Replace Fourth Street bridge
  • Replace Peters Creek Parkway bridge
  • Widen and enhance Peters Creek Parkway interchange ramps
  • Provide traffic signals at ramp entrances and exits
  • Widen Peters Creek Parkway from Business 40 to First Street (six-lane road and seven-lane bridge)
  • Connect Gregory and Apple streets
  • Replace the pavement
Peters Creek Parkway will remain partially open 

​​Summer 2018-Fall 2018
  • Widen Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard/Eighth Street between Marshall and Trade streets
  • Improve the intersection at Peters Creek Parkway and Academy Street
  • Make temporary improvements at key downtown intersections to handle detoured traffic (mostly left-turn lanes)
  • Begin limited prep work for Business 40 closure

​​Fall 2018-Fall 2019
Business 40 closed from Peters Creek Parkway to U.S. 52

  • Build pedestrian land bridge (The Strollway) over Business 40
  • Replace Liberty, Main and Church streets bridges
  • Modify ramps on Main and Church streets, remove ramps on Liberty Street
  • Build Liberty Street Bridge over Business 40
  • Rebuild the grade and replace the pavement on Business 40

Once this segment of work is complete, Business 40 will reopen to traffic ONLY from Main Street east to U.S. 52

Fall 2019-Summer 2020
Business 40 closed from Peters Creek Parkway to Main Street
  • Build pedestrian bridge on Green Street over Business 40
  • Replace Broad Street bridge and remove ramps to and from Business 40
  • Shorten bridge on Business 40 over Brookstown Avenue
  • Modify High Street ramp
  • Remove Spruce Street bridge
  • Replace Marshall and Cherry Street bridges and modify ramps to create a new interchange using both streets
  • Replace the pavement on Business 40
 Conceptual rendering of modernized Business 40 through downtown Winston-Salem